Natalie Baloy, PhD

Assistant Professor


Natalie Baloy, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Western Washington University. Dr. Baloy’s work is informed by scholarship in critical Indigenous studies, settler colonial studies, and interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary collaborations toward transformation in context and community. She collaborates with colleagues across disciplines and institutions to design interdisciplinary courses and research projects. Prior to joining the Department of Anthropology at WWU, she had a postdoctoral appointment as the Ethics Project lead at the Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California at the University of California, Santa Cruz (2014-2016), and she served as the Associate Director of the Salish Sea Institute, the Border Policy Research Institute, and the Center for Canadian-American Studies at WWU (2017-2022).



Research Interests

  • Conducting critical ethnographic research on settler colonial cities, with a focus on Vancouver, British Columbia, and the Salish Sea / Pacific Northwest region
  • Analyzing settler-Indigenous partnerships on climate change science and conservation efforts on Indigenous lands
  • Examining research ethics practices and training in community-engaged research toward justice

Selected Publications


  • Sobocinski, KL, CD Harvell, NJK Baloy, G Broadhurst, MN Dethier, A Flower, and J Delaney. 2022. Urban Seas as Hotspots of Stress in the Anthropocene Ocean: The Salish Sea Example. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 10(1).
  • Broadhurst, G, NJK Baloy, and KL Sobocinski. 2021. Section 7: The Future of the Salish Sea? In K.L. Sobocinski, State of the Salish Sea. Salish Sea Institute, Western Washington University.
  • Baloy, NJK. 2016. Spectacles and Spectres: Settler Colonial Spaces in Vancouver. Settler Colonial Studies 6(3): 209-234.
  • Baloy, NJK. 2016. Our Home(s) and/on Native Land: Spectacular Re-Visions and Refusals at Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Streetnotes 25: 194-211.
  • Baloy, NJK, S Sabati, & RD Glass (eds). 2016. Unsettling Research Ethics: A Collaborative Conference Report. Santa Cruz, CA: UC Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California.
  • Fox, J, NJK Baloy, and A Sens. 2014. Mix and Match: Promoting Interdisciplinary Teaching, Learning, and Community through Classroom-level Partnerships. Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching 7(2).
  • Baloy, NJK. 2011. “We Can't Feel Our Language”: Making Places in the City for Aboriginal Language Revitalization. American Indian Quarterly 35(4):514-548.