Fiona Felker

she/her, Instructor



  • Ph.D. Candidate Anthropology, Biological Track with Concentration in Bio-Cultural Medical Anthropology, University of South Florida
  • Graduate Certificate, Infection Control, College of Public Health, University of South Florida
  • M.S., Biological Defense, George Mason University, 2021
  • B.S., Biological Anthropology, Western Washington University, 2012
  • A.A., Green River Community College, 2008


Research Interests

Biological Anthropology, Infections Diseases, Vaccine Preventable Diseases, Vaccination Policy, Vector Borne Diseases, Biocultural Interactions, Health Inequities, Obtaining Health Equity, Structural Violence, Medical Anthropology, Biocultural Interactions, Public Health, Public Health Policy, Public Health Responses to Infectious Diseases, Immunology, Sustainable Interventions of Infectious Diseases, Grassroots Intervention of Infectious Diseases, Interdisciplinary Collaboration