Multidisciplinary Studies

The Multidisciplinary Studies major is designed for students seeking a flexible academic focus that transcends disciplinary boundaries. Students may develop a personalized plan of study utilizing resources across multiple departments. The major affords students the opportunity to prepare themselves for work in a variety of areas. In consultation with the Multidisciplinary Studies Advisor, students design their program of study under the Multidisciplinary Studies Major guidelines.

To fulfill the major students must complete 60 credits of upper-division course work; 35 of the 60 credits must be in a thematic area requiring Multidisciplinary Studies Advisor approval; 15 of the 60 credits are credits required after approval of Multidisciplinary Studies Plan of Study.  At least 50% of the credits used in the major must be earned at Western Washington University.  A minimum of two departments must be represented.  Students must earn a minimum of C- or better in courses for the major, and Pass/Fail grades do not apply.

Students are limited to no more than 40 upper-division credits in any single academic department, and students are limited to no more than 44 credits taught in business (classes by the departments of accounting, decision sciences, finance and marketing, and management).

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher is required for graduation.  The required three writing proficiency points may be taken in any department.



Pam Hardman, Fall, Winter, and Spring MDS Program Advisor
Office: HU 339 
Phone: 360-650-7621 

To schedule an advising appointment in the fall, winter, or spring, please email Pam Hardman and provide days and times that you are available. 

SUMMER Advising 

Marc Geisler, Summer MDS Program Advisor
Office: ES 603 
Phone: 360-650-3764 

To schedule an advising appointment in the summer, please email Marc Geisler and provide days and times that you are available. Once your appointment request is received via email, you will receive a response within 24 hours. 


Daisey Boughton, Program Coordinator - Western on the Peninsula

Schedule an advising appointment with Daisey here 

WWU Center at OC Poulsbo
1000 Olympic College Way NW
Poulsbo, WA 98370-7198
Phone: 360-650-2568

Request more information about Western on the Peninsulas.

Multidisciplinary Studies Major Overview & Course List

To learn more about the major, it is best to meet with a Multidisciplinary Studies advisor to discuss your existing coursework and how the major might help you meet your educational goals.


  1. Go to Degree Works. Degree Works is available in Web4U. Click on "Student" tab and look under "Student Records" tab for the Degree Works link. The "Worksheet" is the default view in Degree Works.
  2. Click on "Class History" and print.
  3. Next, change to "What If" view (tab on left).
  4. Select a Program: BA-Humanities & Social Sciences
  5. Select Major: Multidisciplinary Studies
  6. Click on "Save as PDF" and print. Please review your updated degree progress.
  7. After completing steps 1-3, schedule an appointment with the Multidisciplinary Studies Advisor and bring all of your printed documents. (Your printed "What If" will serve as your Plan of Study and/or Major Evaluation.)
  8. Complete a Major Declaration Card with the Multidisciplinary Studies Advisor and submit all the required materials as directed to the Registrar's Office (OM 230).

To apply for graduation with a Multidisciplinary Studies degree you must:

  1. Have declared the Multidisciplinary Studies major.
  2. Complete the Degree Application form (also available at the Registrar's Office OM 230).
  3. Access and print your "Worksheet" in Degree Works. Degree Works is available in Web4U. Click on "Student" tab and look under "Student Records" tab for the Degree Works link. The "Worksheet" is the default view in Degree Works. Once there, click on "Save as PDF" and print. Please review your degree progress.
  4. Meet with the Multidisciplinary Studies Advisor. Please bring your printed Degree Works "Worksheet," which will serve as your Major Evaluation.
  5. Return all paperwork to the Registrar's Office (OM 230) by the due date.

MDS Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, majors will be able to:

  • Articulate ideas clearly and effectively both in writing and in oral presentations and discussions
  • Analyze thoughtfully and thoroughly primary and secondary sources
  • Effectively and efficiently find and evaluate the adequacy of online information and research
  • Work collaboratively and manage projects to effective completion
  • Reflect on one's own work in relation to future goals
  • Employ cognitive, analytical, and communication skills that will be of use in many fields and professions beyond the university