Faculty Affairs Council

The Faculty Affairs Council (FAC) is composed of one tenured or tenure-track faculty representative from each department in the College; the representative selected is at the discretion of each department. The term of office is three years, with approximately one-third of the representatives selected each year. The Council determines its own officers and procedures.

The Faculty Affairs Council, in consultation with the Dean, selects the members representing the College faculty on the Curriculum Council, the Tenure and Promotion Committee, the Professional Leave Committee and the Post Tenure Review Committee. The Council also reviews regularly the College Evaluation Plan and Operating Procedures and makes recommendations for changes as needed, consults with individual departments concerning the proper application of these guidelines to their disciplines and approves individual Department Evaluation Plans, formulates such further details of structure and operation as it deems necessary to the effective functioning of the College and its instruments and proposes from time to time such amendments as in its judgment are called for, and considers any matters bearing upon faculty well-being that are under the purview of the College and makes recommendations thereon to the Dean.

An ad hoc Budget and Planning Committee is appointed by FAC from among FAC members in the event the guidance of such a committee is requested by the Dean. This committee is composed of three members, one from each of the disciplinary areas and one at large representative. There may be only one representative from any single department. No department chairs are eligible to serve on this committee. The committee works with the Dean and makes recommendations on such matters as the appropriate allocation of resources available to the College and assists in the development of College plans.