Social Justice Equity & Inclusion Committee

Springing from the community forums held in Winter 2019, building on the priorities outlined in the CHSS Strategic Plan, and drawing on expertise within the College, the CHSS Social Justice,  Equity, and Inclusion Committee advises the Dean, as well as FAC and DAC, on steps to promote social justice, equity, and inclusion in CHSS, as well as on our strategies to continuously measure, assess, improve, and transparently share our progress toward a campus and college that are welcoming to people of all races, ethnicities, religions, gender and sexual identities, socio-economic status, and abilities. The SJEI Committee may also make recommendations to the Dean regarding campus-wide priorities for which the Dean and the faculty might advocate. 


  • Gather data and examine CHSS’s practices, with respect to social justice, equity, and inclusion and share findings with the CHSS community.  
  • Identify and enlist the relevant faculty expertise to provide periodic recommendations to further the values of SJEI in CHSS.   
  • Assist the Dean in planning initiatives related to the SJEI charge.  
  • Encourage and support department-level, college-level, and university-wide efforts toward social justice, equity, and inclusion.   
  • Coordinate with relevant groups, including student groups, both within and outside of CHSS on initiatives and opportunities related to the SJEI charge, including by seeking outside expertise and support as needed. 

Membership:  A range of voices and experiences will be crucial in ensuring the success of the committee’s charge. It will be a two-year term for faculty and staff. One-year term is possible for students if a commitment of two years is not possible.

Membership 2023-2024
Daniel Chard, History, Committee Co-Chair
Jean Lee, English, Committee Co-Chair
Debra Salazar, Political Science
Rita Daniels, MAL
Laura Overstreet, Sociology
Christa Schultz, Staff-Communication Studies
Susanna aKinlochaline, Staff-Philosophy
Liz Mogford, Sociology
Carlos Herrera-Caballero, Student, Graduate
Kate Robertson, Student, Graduate
Abby Kidd, Student, Graduate
Miguel Acuna, Student-Undergrad
Beatrice King, Student-Undergrad
Yasmin Lamas-Flores, Student-Undergrad
Calvin Christoph, Former Student Senator