Scholarship Information

The WGSS Scholarship application for 2024/25 is OPEN.

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(The 2024/25 scholarship process is OPEN) Each year the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program selects one student who is a declared WGSS major or minor to receive a tuition waiver. Application is due April 30, 2024.  


QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants must be Women, Gender, and Sexuality Majors or Minors who demonstrate a passion for Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and for applying what they’ve learned in the classroom to the world, as well as having a strong academic record. Students must be full-time (at least 12 credits) undergraduates.


APPLICATION DOCUMENTS & DIRECTIONS: Please attach the following documents to one email and submit to the Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program – 

  1. Scholarship application – page 2 of the WGSS scholarship application document.
  2. A personal statement addressing your background, interest and goals with regard to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and any community service or activism in the areas of feminism, sex, gender, and/or sexuality.
    • A description of your engagement with WGSS and what you have gained from your courses.
    • A description of your relevant activities applying WGSS through lived experience, activism, organizing, or service.
    • A description of what you seek to do with your WGSS education in the future.



EVALUATION CRITERION & NEXT STEPS: The scholarship recipient will be selected by the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Executive Committee. Awards will be based on the following criteria: directed focus and achievements within WGSS; directed focus and achievements applying their WGSS education outside of the classroom; and relevance of future plans to the Mission of the WGSS Program.

Announcements will be shared by end of spring quarter via email. The earliest quarter that scholarship funds may be applied is Fall 2024.

Note: Incomplete packets are subject to disqualification.