Global Humanities and Religions Scholarships

Each spring the department may recommend an outstanding student who has completed the junior year for one or more University scholarships that are awarded to students in their senior year.  In addition, the department’s faculty and alumni contribute funds that support scholarships for a small number of seniors in the B.A. Humanities programs.

Faculty members of the department nominate students for these scholarships. No application is required for initial consideration, but students recommended for a University scholarship usually must submit an application specifically for that scholarship, along with letters of recommendation.

Graduating students with an outstanding academic record and with an outstanding record of service to the community are encouraged to consult the Scholarships Office for information about national scholarships for graduate studies.

Meagan Elizabeth Smith Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in the Humanities

This scholarship endowment will provide support for students in the Global Humanities and Regions Department. Preference will be made to applicants who demonstrate outstanding academic merit. Scholarship applications will be available soon!

2021 Scholarship Recipient:  Erica Campbell

2020 Scholarship Recipient:  Jodie Permen

2019 Scholarship Recipient: Caitlin Hanson

2018 Scholarship Recipient: Jonathan Davidson

​2017 Scholarship Recipient: Matthew Wilkerson

2016 Scholarship Recipient: Riley Jessett

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