Global Humanities & Religions Leadership Team


The mission of the leadership team is to foster communication among the students, alumni, and faculty of the Global Humanities and Religions Department, and to increase the visibility of the department’s major and minor programs.

What We are Doing

Global Humanities and Religions Nights

We are hosting events each quarter for the GHR community to connect and to create opportunities for interested students to come and get introduced to what the department has to offer.

Alumni Connection

We’re exploring ways to connect alumni of the Global Humanities and Religions (formerly Liberal Studies) Department with current majors and minors, to give an opportunity to discuss common interests and goals, experiences and opportunities. We’d like to give current students a look into what the major can offer them and where their interests can take them. There’s an alumni news form coming soon to the department web site — let us know if you’d like to get involved with current students!

Current Leadership Team

The leadership team in front of the red square fountain

2023-2024 Leadership Team

(Left to Right Front Row)  Vanja Hagman, Anne Lillis, Allison Martini, Jasmin Liwanag

(Left to Right Back Row)  Maxwell Bauccio-Teschlog, Calvin Christoph, Maesie Halliday, John Cook

Not Pictured:  Ashley Long and Sophia Robertson

Past Leadership Teams


2022-2023 Leadership Team

(Left to Right) Marina Holmes, Jay Mounts, Maile Akeo, Mercy Badgero, Petra Ellerby, Jonathan Cook


2020-2021 Leadership Team

(Left to Right Top) Braeden Kinerk, Lena Blissell, Joe Stong, Erica Campbell

(Left to Right Bottom) Jodie Permen, Jillian Johnsen, Clara Cimino

Leadership Team

2018-2019 Leadership Team

(Left to Right) Jodie Permen, Jonathan Davidson, May Killorin, Caitlin Hanson

Leadership Team

2016-2017 Leadership Team

(Left to Right) Kellen Head-Corliss, Riley Jessett, Britton Johnson, Rose Flory, Hanna Hupp, Samantha Hansen

Leadership Team

2014-2015 Leadership Team

(Left to Right) Meagan Smith, Lindsay Skinner, Rhys Gentle, Marleigh Murdoch, Emily Ditzler

2021-2022 Leadership Team

Mercy Badgero, Erica Campbell, Petra Ellerby, Emily Jacobsen, Grace Stahlberg

Leadership Team

2019-2020 Leadership Team

(Left to Right Back Row) Lena Blissell, Hope Harmen, Jodie Permen

(Left to Right Front Row) Joe Stong, Kayla Clarke, May Killorin, Rhianon Blake


2017-2018 Leadership Team

(Left to Right) Jeremy Meehan, Holland Maggard, Jenna Mauer 

Leadership Team

2015-2016 Leadership Team

(Left to Right) Dustin Polley, Rose Flory, Bryce Fields, Riley Jessett, Samantha Hansen