Andrea Gogrof, PhD




Ph.D. Comparative Literature, University of Washington


Andrea Gogröf’s main area of interest is comparative literature and philosophy with a focus on romanticism and modernity. She is the author of Defining Modernism: Baudelaire and Nietzsche on Romanticism, Modernity, Decadence, and Richard Wagner, and has continued to publish on Baudelaire and Nietzsche as well as on the Austrian writer Peter Handke and the Austrian director Michael Haneke. Her research uses an interdisciplinary approach that links sociological discourse with literature and literary theory to explore representations of hygiene.  In modern literature the topic of hygiene became a site for expressing many cultural anxieties evoked by new theoretical and practical problems of modernity. Another interest of research is a critical examination of the systematic proliferation of surveillance technologies as they contribute to a perceivable erosion of the distinction between the public and private sphere in people’s professional and personal lives. Her teaching includes courses on the relationship between Enlightenment and Romanticism, psychoanalysis and representations of otherness, critical and literary theory, literature and film.  Publications