Alexandra (Lexi) Williams

Williams attended graduate school at the University of Montana to pursue a career in archaeology. During this time, she participated in archaeological digs in Chile, where she put her Spanish to use, and in British Columbia. Based on her fieldwork, Williams contributed two chapters for a book, The Last House at Bridge River: The Archaeology of an Aboriginal Household in British Columbia during the Fur Trade Period, which was recently published. Currently she works for Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc., a cultural resource management firm located in Portland, Oregon. The firm conducts surveys across the Northwest to comply with federal, state and county laws that protect archaeological and historic sites. To help engage the public in archaeology, she volunteers at outreach events, does classroom presentations and mentors students. Williams continues to practice Spanish by reading news articles and speaking with her neighbors in Spanish. 

When they are not working, Larson and Williams enjoy hiking with their pup and traveling. This fall, Larson and Williams traveled to Munich (and rural Bavaria), Innsbruck, and Venice.