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MCL's Dr. Hugo García presented ‘Santería Decoded: An Approach to Understanding the Formation of an Afro Cuban Religion' Jan. 31 at City Hall.


Winter-2018-DLS-Poster Watch the presentation HERE.

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We are delighted to announce that the Ingrid Stahlbrand Kassler Memorial Scholarship has reached the $75,000 mark. Thank you, from the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, to the generous donors who have helped us get there! Our next milestone is to get the fund above $100,000 so two scholarships can be provided to students in the German program at Western in memory of Ingrid each year. If additional contributions can bring this fund to $100,000, a generous anonymous donor will match the $25k raised, bringing the scholarship endowment total to $125,000. Gifts can be made at<>.

Please help us meet this goal with your gift and spread the word! You can also call Angie Vandenhaak, Director of Annual Giving at WWU for more information or to make a gift by phone: (360) 650-3027.


Modern and Classical Languages Mission Statement

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages, in fulfillment of the University’s stated goals, provides to Western Washington University students the skills that are necessary to learn first-hand about world societies. To that end, the department believes that the best way to understand a culture is directly through its language(s).

Therefore, the department offers students the opportunity to acquire three types of proficiencies: the language skills that make for successful communication, the cultural competencies that build global respect and responsibility, as well as the creative and interpretive aptitudes that underscore an understanding of the history and aesthetic expressions of a given culture. Ultimately, students graduate from the department with valuable skills for succeeding in the workplace and for supporting global citizenship.

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages is a meeting place for diversity and for critical thinking. Our faculty members represent fifteen countries and offer courses in eleven languages. We cherish the contributions that this diversity brings to our campus community and to the community at large. Learning a language is the primary gateway to understanding the cultures and values of those who speak it. Learning a language fosters empathy, respect, and appreciation of the richness found across diverse cultures. By embracing diversity we can find creative solutions to problems and challenges of both local and global scope. As world language educators, we believe these are values that make our communities, and ourselves, stronger.

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