Language Advisors

Please check out our Summer Advising - AY 2022-2023 Guidelines for Language Placement.

Some advisors are working remotely this quarter. Please contact  via email to request meeting details for in-person or online advising. 

If you have questions about your placement into classes, please contact your language advisor for guidance.

Language Advisors, listed by Program
Program Advisor

Tamer Hussein Assistant Professor of Arabic

Chinese Major/Minor

Shannon Dubenion-Smith Chair of Modern and Classical Languages

Chinese Study Abroad Julian Wu Associate Professor of Chinese Literature and East Asian Studies
East Asian Studies Massimiliano Tomasi
Professor of Japanese and East Asian Studies
French Major/Minor Cecile Hanania Professor of French
French Study Abroad

Cecile Hanania Professor of French

German Major/Minor

Petra Fiero Professor of German

German Study Abroad Shannon Dubenion-Smith Chair of Modern and Classical Languages
Japanese Major/Minor Tyler Walker Assistant Professor of Japanese
Japanese Study Abroad Masanori Deguchi Associate Professor of Japanese
Latin American Studies Major/Minor Luis Gonzalo Portugal
Senior Instructor of Spanish
Latin/Greek/Classical Studies Eduardo Engelsing Associate Professor of Classical Studies
Russian/Eurasian Edward Vajda Professor of Russian
Spanish Major Charles Patterson Professor of Spanish
Spanish Minor Blanca Aranda Associate Professor of Spanish
Spanish Minor Ernest Hartwell Assistant Professor of Spanish
Spanish Study Abroad Joan Hoffman Professor of Spanish
Spanish Teaching Endorsement Rodolfo Mata Assistant Professor of Spanish
World Language Endorsement (see advising note below) Sheryl Bernardo-Hinesley Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics

Advising Note

Students should meet with their respective language major advisor in order to have their language courses checked off on their Woodring evaluation form before meeting with the World Language Endorsement Advisor.