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Procedures for Studying Abroad

Collecting Information

When you decide to pursue a program for studying Chinese abroad, you should first attend a Western Abroad 101 Information Session provided by the Education Abroad office at Western Washington University in order to learn about general procedures. Then talk with your Chinese professors and students who have returned from study abroad. You should also visit relevant websites to collect sufficient information about studying Chinese abroad. You should think about when you will arrange the study, where you want to study, and what you want to accomplish while you are abroad. Normally, if you want to pursue Chinese study abroad in summer , you should start collecting information in October.

Making Decisions

Once you have sufficient information about various Chinese study abroad programs, you should narrow down the prospective programs and discuss them with your Chinese professors. If interested in a Global Learning faculty-led Program, talk to the director of the study abroad program which you are interested in and review their curriculum before making your decision.

Preparing the Application

After choosing a study abroad program complete the WWU Education Abroad application and applicable provider application by the deadlines. Complete the Departmental Academic Advising Form with your Chinese advisor.

Language Assessment

Entrance Exam: To determine students' proficiency level of Chinese, most study abroad programs have students take an exam during the first few days of the program.

China Highlights

Beijing, China

  • China’s capital city of Beijing is the nation’s political, educational, and cultural center and provides access to more universities and research institutes than any other city in China

Chengdu, China

  • Often referred to as the most “livable mega city” in China, Chengdu is both modern and traditional, and is known as one of the major transportation and communication hubs in China

Harbin, China

  • Study in the northern city of Harbin where students can study at the Harbin Institute of Technology, a large institution full of amenities

 Kunming, China

  • Kunming is known as the “city of eternal spring” and enjoys year round mild climates, blue skies, and plenty of sunshine
  • Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Kunming for access to outdoor activities, mountains, and fresh air

Nanjing, China

  • Study in Nanjing, one of the safest and most livable cities in China, located just an hour from Shanghai by high speed train

Shanghai, China

  • Study in one of China’s most cosmopolitan cities, and one of the most important financial and business centers of Asia

Taipei, Taiwan

  • Study in Taipei, the vibrant political, economic, and cultural center of Taiwan (officially the Republic of China)

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