German Study Abroad


German Study Abroad Advisor - Shannon Dubenion-Smith

If you are interested in studying abroad please contact the study abroad advisor for more information. Advising is available in fall, winter, and spring quarter.



close up view of clock tower overlooking rooftop buildings
long row of buildings each with unique architectural style
cement stairway leading to architectural building, location is Austria

Suggested checklist when considering education abroad

  1. Do initial research on sites, programs and internships at Education Abroad. This is also the place to inquire about financial aid, cost of the various study abroad programs, and other logistical matters. If possible, narrow down to a couple of choices and consult the study abroad advisor if you have questions about sites, living abroad, etc.
  2. Once you have decided on a program, see the major/minor advisor first to discuss plan of study at Western, then see the education abroad advisor to sketch out a plan of study and to discuss credit transfer.
  3. If you need letters of recommendation, notify your professors early (we ask that you do this at least three weeks before the deadline)!
  4. Check in at the Fellowships Office to find out about funding opportunities and the application process. Again, be sure to find out about deadlines and give your professors plenty of time to write letters of recommendation.