Spanish Study Abroad

Spanish Study Abroad Advisor: Joan Hoffman

Interested in Studying Spanish Abroad?

WWU Education Abroad offers many ways for students of Spanish to study internationally. See Education Abroad's Spanish Major Advising Page (MAP)

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose among Study Abroad Providers, Faculty-Led Global Learning Programs, or Exchanges. Check out all of your options here: SPANISH MAP 

Contact Joan Hoffman for academic advising related to study abroad in Spanish. Please see an advisor in the Education Abroad Office (MH 208) for all other aspects of your education abroad experience.

  • SPAN 201, 202, 203, 301, 302 (Grammar)
  • SPAN 331, 332 (Culture)
  • SPAN 450 (Literature Seminar)

As per university regulations, 50% of the credits for any degree must be completed on campus. Faculty-Led Global Learning Programs are an exception to this rule; these courses are exempt from the 50% rule because they are taught by WWU faculty.

SPAN 401 cannot be completed abroad and must be completed on campus.

Faculty-Led Summer Study Abroad Program: Study in Guanajuato, Mexico

During the summer, a faculty-led global learning program will be held in Guanajuato, Mexico. 

Students will study SPAN 301 and 302 (Grammar Review and Comp) and 332 (Culture of Latin America, focusing specifically on Mexican culture and history). Weekends will be spent with the Mexican families and taking field trips. 

Learn more about this opportunity on the education abroad site for Guanajuato, Mexico: World Heritage City

Have questions? Contact Professor Aranda or Professor Portugal

aerial view of buildings across Guanajuato Mexico
colorful flags displayed across buildings

Become a Cultural Ambassador in Spain!

Many of our students participate in the North American Language and Cultural Assistants in Spain (NALCAP), a program developed by the Spanish government to bring enrichment to underserved schools in Spain. Through this program, WWU students can spend nine months in Spain as teaching assistants in primary or secondary schools. You can access the NALCAP program directly or as a WWU Fulbright award.

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