Major Declaration

Declaring a Communication Studies Major

Western's Academic Coordinating Commission has approved that the Department of Communication Studies adopt the following procedures for major admission.

Students who are interested in declaring a communication studies major must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Complete any one of the following courses with a B- or better: COMM 101, COMM 224, COMM 225, COMM 230, COMM 235, COMM 240, COMM 260.
  • Complete COMM 220 with a B- or better.
  • Complete at least 60 credits of WWU credits or approved transfer credits. No more than 50 percent of total COMM credits can be transferred from another institution.

Ready to Declare?

Schedule an appointment to speak with a staff member. The staff member will review your transcripts and instruct you to fill out the declaration form. 

Once you have completed the process, you will be assigned a major faculty advisor.

Or call us to make an appointment (360) 650-3870.