Waitlisting & Overrides

Waitlist Policies

The Department of Communication Studies adopts the Registrar's waitlisting policies that are written to support and facilitate equity among students in course registration. Instructors in the Department of Communication Studies are asked to respect course restrictions that are published in the University Catalog and not grant overrides to circumvent them. The Department Manager and Office Assistant do not grant overrides except those described below or under extenuating circumstances. The exceptions are made in acknowledgement of students' diverse academic backgrounds and needs. After an override clearance is issued, it is necessary for the student to register for the class.

COMM 498 Access

Students who are enrolled in COMM 398 may request for overrides to enroll in COMM 498 in the following quarter. To do so, email the Communications Studies Advisor with your W# and the course registration number (CRN) of the section of COMM 498 for which you wish to obtain an override.

Graduating Seniors

Seniors who are close to graduation may request course overrides in order to expedite time to degree completion. Request for such overrides are considered and assisted by the Department Manager during the first two weeks of registration. To make an override request, contact Christa Schulz. Students who have formally applied for graduation will be given highest priority. When there are multiple student requests, consideration is given also based on the number of total credits, major requirements, and remaining time to degree completion.

Capacity Override

Students may contact the instructor of a specific class section to request overrides to exceed the capacity of a class. Please contact the instructor with your rationale to ask for an exception to be made. When you request a capacity override, you are essentially asking an instructor to do uncompensated work for you. Please know that instructors reserve the right to refuse any override request.

Pre-Requisite Override

Course pre-requisites are recorded in COMM courses published in the University Catalog. In courses for which “permission of instructor” is noted, students should request overrides from the instructor. Since instructors are expected to not grant overrides to circumvent course restrictions that are already published in the university catalog, individual consideration will be given only at the instructor’s discretion. 

See the University Academic Policies for further information about Waitlisting and Registration.