Spanish Advising and Powerpoint

Spanish Program

The Spanish Program at Western Washington University provides instruction in language, literature, linguistics, and culture. Language instruction is facilitated by modern communicative methods and multimedia technology, as well as through study abroad opportunities. In addition, the analytical study of Spanish is supported  through a range of skills courses, as well as a significant number of courses in linguistics. The multifaceted Spanish curriculum is diverse and varied which provides an opening to the Hispanic world through language, literature, culture, and civilization.

Some of the many reasons to ​ consider majoring in Spanish

  • Spanish is the second most spoken language in the US.
  • Spanish as a language spoken at home by about 37 million speakers make the US the fifth largest Spanish-speaking community in the world.
  • Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world with 537 million native and second language speakers.
  • Language learning provides many benefits including greater academic achievement, greater cognitive development, and more positive attitudes towards other languages and cultures.
  • In the 21st century, the globalization of the world have brought together diverse cultures and communities in contact. That said, language learning is essential in order to participate in the modern global economy.
  • At Western, it only takes 5 quarters to complete the 60-credit coursework program requirement. See the example coursework requirement schedule below.
    • 300- and 400-level Spanish courses count towards the following programs: International Business Concentration in Business Administration Major, International Business Minor, Latin American and Spanish and History Concentrations in Latin American Studies Major, Linguistics Major, and Secondary Education Teaching Endorsement.
Spanish Coursework Schedule Example (after completing SPAN 203)
Quarter Courses
First Quarter 

Required: SPAN 301

Elective: SPAN 305

Second Quarter

Required: SPAN 302, SPAN 331 or SPAN 332

Elective: SPAN 314

Third Quarter Required: SPAN 340, SPAN 401, SPAN 404
Fourth Quarter

Required: SPAN 351 or SPAN 352

Elective: SPAN 440

Fifth Quarter

Required: SPAN 450

Elective: SPAN 430

Spanish Advisors

Study Abroad Advisor (major and minor)

Joan Hoffman, Ph.D.

Major Advisor

Charles Patterson, Ph.D.

Minor Advisors

Blanca Aranda, Ph.D.

Ernest Hartwell, Ph.D.

Spanish with Teaching Endorsement (Secondary) & Spanish BAE Elementary

Rodolfo Mata, Ph.D.

Spanish Faculty

  • Blanca Aranda, Ph.D.
  • Mauricio Araniva, MA​
  • Sheryl Bernardo-Hinesley, Ph.D.
  • Amy Carbajal, MIS 
  • Kirsten Drickey, Ph.D.
  • Sean Dwyer, MA 
  • Hugo García, Ph.D.
  • Ernest Hartwell, Ph.D.
  • Joan Hoffman, Ph.D.
  • Rodolfo Mata, Ph.D.
  • Charles Patterson, Ph.D.
  • Luis Gonzalo Portugal, Ph.D.

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