Transfer Student English Declaration

How to Complete a Declaration Form

  1. Right click this link for the Student Academic Declaration & Change Form and open the form in a new tab. (This will allow you to complete the form while viewing the instructions on this page.)
  2. Sign in to your student account.
  3. Once you access the form, fill out Section I: Student Information. You will only be filling out Section I of the form.
    1. Enter your W# (include the capital letter "W" before your number)
    2. Type your Last and First name on the provided line.
    3. For "I am an Advisor making a change..." click "No."
    4. For "I have been admitted to Fairhaven College..." click "No" unless you have specifically enrolled in a Fairhaven college program.
    5. Choose "yes" for "Add and/or Drop a Pre-Major or Major."
    6. Choose "yes" for "Declare a Pre-Major or Major."
    7. On the following line, indicate the English major you would like to declare from the following options:
      • English - Literature 
      • English - Creative Writing 
      • English - Literature with Teaching Endorsement 
      • English - Creative Writing with Teaching Endorsement 
      • English - Language Learner (ELL)/Bilingual Education Emphasis with Teaching Endorsement. 
    8. Select "no" for any additional questions that do not pertain to your major declaration. 
    9. In the student comments box, you MUST include any English courses you intend to register for, including your ENG 202 or ENG 202 equivalent course. If you do not indicate the courses you intend to register for, you may be restricted from registering for select English courses. 
    10. Here is an example:
      A form with section I completed according to the instructions.
  4. When you’ve finished filling out Section I, scroll down to the blue box at the bottom of the form. In the "Email to" field, type the email address of the English Undergraduate Coordinator: Here is an example: 
    Example of a completed form according to the instructions provided.
  5. Click "Submit" to submit the form to the English Department.
  6. Please allow 2-3 business days for your major declaration to be processed. If there is an issue processing your form, you will be contacted at your Western email.