Film Studies Minor

Film Studies (23-25 credits)

Introduction/What is the Study of Film Studies?

In the Film Studies minor students will engage major artistic, technological, commercial, and social developments throughout cinema and media history.  They will learn a language of analysis that will equip them to communicate about and with moving images.

Why Consider a Film Studies Minor?

The study of film is one of the fastest growing disciplines at American colleges and universities. While the Film Studies minor provides a solid foundation for further professional development in the fields of filmmaking, curating, or media publishing, it also fosters a broad base of abilities sought by employers in a variety of employment sectors.  At Western we encourage students to combine critical writing with hands-on moving image projects because we value the multimedia communication skills that are becoming increasingly important, not only in the job market, but for all informed citizens. The film studies minor at Western also emphasizes that film is a global medium and welcomes students with interests in global studies.

Sample Careers

Filmmaker | Film Programmer | Archivist/Preservationist | Secondary or Higher Education | Film/TV Critic | Screenwriter | Multimedia publishing | Arts Administration

Required Courses:

  • ENG 364 Introduction to Film Studies
  • ENG 365 Topics in Film History (may be repeated once with a different topic)
  • ENG 464 Topics in Film Studies (may be repeated once with a different topic)
  • Courses under advisement at the 300 and 400 level to be selected from courses in theory, film and other visual media, including ENG 466 (Screenwriting) and offerings in other departments, such as ART 385, ART 386, COMM 442, HIST 364, FAIR 334S, and FAIR 356W.
  • Note: ENG 497 (Screenwriting) is now ENG 466 (Screenwriting). Students who took the class as 497 will get credit toward the minor.


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