Women's Literature Minor

Women's Literature (25 credits)

Introduction/What is the Study of Women's Literature?

The study of Women's Literature includes the study of literature written by women and analysis of the representation of the wide range of issues that shape their lives and work, including but not limited to the construction of gender, sexuality, age, race and class.

Why Study Women’s Literature?

A Women’s Literature Minor provides you with essential tools for success in a wide range of careers: the ability to read critically, write clearly and specifically, and synthesize information and arguments drawn from diverse disciplines and perspectives as a means of interpreting a single text. Employers and professions of all kinds value such abilities and look for those who have them.

Sample Careers

Publishing and editing | Human management and development | Education | Government and the law | Public relations | Healthcare and technology, among others


Courses under advisement at the 300 and 400 level, to be selected from courses regarding women writers, topics focused on the work of women writers, and topics in the language and power of gender.

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