Major Restrictions

The English Department restricts most 300-level and 400-level classes to majors at the beginning of registration. This gives our majors the ability to register for the classes they need to graduate.

Lifting Course Restrictions

On the 3rd day of registration, restrictions are lifted for ENG 301, ENG 302, ENG 371, ENG 401, ENG 402, 442, and ENG 462.

On the 5th day of registration, ENG 418 opens to Literature juniors. ENG 307, ENG 308, ENG 309, ENG 310, and ENG 311 open to Creative Writing majors.

On the 6th day of registration, all restrictions are lifted by 9:00 a.m.

Restrictions are never lifted from ENG 441, ENG 443, ENG 444 or from 500-level graduate courses.

The only English minor that grants access to major-restricted classes in the Writing Studies minor. The other English minors, including the Creative Writing minor, must wait to register for classes until major restrictions are removed and the classes are open to all students.

Restriction Questions

If you have questions regarding when restrictions lift from a specific course, please look up that course on the English Department's course descriptions page. Typically new course descriptions are posted approximately two weeks in advance of registration.