Au.D. Graduate FAQs

Western Washington University’s Audiology program is expected to be fully accredited once our first Au.D. cohort graduates (2021). Our Au.D. graduates will be eligible to apply for the ASHA CCC-A, regardless of the program’s candidacy status.

To be considered for our first round of applications, you should submit your applications to the Au.D. admissions by February 1. If we still have spots available in our Au.D. program after the initial round of applications, we will reopen our admissions in the Spring.

Additional Au.D. applications will be reviewed and offers made throughout the Spring and Summer, as applicable.

Western Washington University has a Speech and Hearing Clinic on campus. Within our program we have an Audiology Clinic, a Speech Language Clinic, and an Aural Rehabilitation Clinic. Students are assigned to Audiology or Aural Rehabilitation Clinics during each quarter of the first two years. In the third year, students are placed in various clinics around the Bellingham and Seattle areas for additional experience.

Current GPA data of admitted students.
  2019 2020 2021
Average GPA of admitted students 3.6 3.57 3.55