Student Testimonials

An Intensive, Useful Preparation for Graduate Studies

"I found the Post-baccalaureate program at Western to be an intensive, and useful preparation for graduate studies in Communication Sciences and Disorders. This expedited track into Masters level education provides the returning student with a challenging year of work to stay on top of. The small cohort of ‘Post-bac’ students quickly find each other and form a hybrid open-source learning family.

As an older neophyte, I walked into a very established and supportive academic environment. Post-bac students are warmly welcomed and guided by Western’s CSD community: professors, faculty, clinic staff, graduates and undergraduates alike. My transition from stay at home mother and homemaker back into a deadline filled, ever changing academic schedule was less intimidating than I had anticipated thanks to the careful counsel that I was afforded.

The people at Western’s CSD department want to see you succeed and help you find your niche. They area community that practices their craft with honesty. The standards are high but flexibility and support on behalf of the institution are built-in. Had it not been for that, I for one, would not be going through Graduate School now."

- Alison Craig

Graduate Student, 2020

The Most Fulfilling and Enriching Educational Experience I Have Ever Had

"There is no end to the good things I could say about my experience with WWU's Communication Sciences and Disorders Post-baccalaureate program. The level of commitment the CSD faculty and professors at Western have to their students and their educational success is far beyond anything I have ever experienced before at other institutions, and during my time in this program I finally felt like I was more than just a student ID number.

As a Canadian student, I drove three hours each day to attend classes, and even despite this lengthy commute I was still able to become an active part of my cohort and the department. This has truly been the most fulfilling and enriching educational experience I have ever had. My decision to apply was one of the best I have ever made and I highly recommend this program to anyone considering future studies in Communication Sciences and Disorders."

- Kaitlin Marochi

Graduate Student, 2019