Faculty and Staff


Woman wearing blue top with long brown hair

Dr. Rieko Darling, CCC-A

Professor AuD Program Director Audiology Clinic Director
AIC 372
Dr. Kelli Evans, CCC-SLP, Associate Professor, SLP Graduate Advisor

Dr. Kelli Evans, CCC-SLP

Associate Professor SLP Graduate Advisor
AIC 388
Dr. David Evans, CCC-SLP, Associate Professor, Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. David Evans, CCC-SLP

Associate Professor Undergraduate Advisor
AIC 376
Dr. Kimberly Peters, CCC-A/SLP stands outside under lush green foliage, wearing a white button down shirt with a bright chunky necklace

Dr. Kimberly Peters, CCC-A/SLP

Professor Department Chair SLP Program Director AR Clinic Director
AIC 394
Dr. Jennifer Thistle, CCC-SLP stands outside on a spring day

Dr. Jennifer Thistle, CCC-SLP

Associate Professor Post-Baccalaureate Program Director
AIC 378

Visiting Professors


Dr. Megan Bennett, CCC-A a bright smiling woman in a tank top

Dr. Megan Bennett, CCC-A

AuD Internship Coordinator Clinical Educator
AI 354
Lorna Bower, Clinic Office Assistant sits outside under a huge rhododendron

Lorna Bower

Clinic Office Assistant
AIC 256
Dawn Burgess, CCC-SLP smiles in a button down denim shirt

Dawn Burgess

SLP Internship Coordinator Clinical Educator Instructor
AI 380
HIllary Edwards wearing a blue scarf and shirt.

Hillary Edwards

Clinical Educator Instructor
Timothy Kraft  Biomedical/IT Specialist

Timothy Kraft

Biomedical/IT Specialist
AIC 334
Yarrow Pospisil, CCC-SLP smiles in a deep brown cozy sweater

Yarrow Pospisil, CCC-SLP

SLP Clinical Educator Instructor
AIC 274
Dr. Andrea Reed, CCC-A smiles outdoors as she is softly backlit by sunshine

Dr. Andrea Reed, CCC-A

Audiologist Clinical Educator
AIC 350
A tiny pink shell rests on top of barnacles

Fletcher Scott, CCC-SLP

SLP Clinical Educator Instructor
AIC 280
Lesley Stephens, Speech-Language Clinic Director

Lesley Stephens, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Clinic Director
AIC 278
John Young, CCC-A wears a blue shirt and glasses.

John Young, CCC-A

Audiologist Clinical Educator
AIC 352