Audiology Services

Available to infants, children, and adults of all ages:

  • Complete audiological assessment to determine the presence, type and severity of hearing impairment. Otoacoustic emissions, electrophysiologic testing and other assessments are conducted to determine candidacy for amplification and/or referral for medical evaluations.
  • Evaluation to guide selection of appropriate amplification including hearing aids, assistive listening devices and cochlear implants.
  • Central auditory processing assessment and treatment.
  • Communication assessment for individuals with hearing disorders
  • Family-centered individual and group aural (re)habilitation to improve listening and overall communication skills for individuals who use hearing aids and/or implantable devices.
  • Hearing aid and assistive listening device consultation, demonstration, recommendations, and sales.
  • Hearing aid and specialty earmold fabrication (musician's plugs, swim plugs, monitors, and iPodmolds).
  • Consultation