Campus Tour Information

Tour Information

Location of Communication Sciences and Disorders Department

Thank you for your interest in our Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) programs at Western Washington University. The Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic main entrance is located on the second floor (this is the ground floor) of Academic Instructional Center. The building is abbreviated either AI or AIC on campus maps. Please meet your student tour guide on the 3rd floor in the center open lobby area by the elevator.

Driving Directions to the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD)

From I-5

  1. Take Exit 252, signs for Samish Way and Western Washington University.
    1. If traveling via southbound I-5:
      1. Stay right.
      2. Turn right onto S. Samish Way.
      3. Quickly merge into the leftmost lane.
    2. If traveling via northbound I-5:
      1. Turn left at the stop sign.
      2. At the stoplight, turn left onto S. Samish Way. 
      3. Go straight through the next stoplight.
      4. Merge into the leftmost lane. 
  2. Turn left onto Bill MacDonald Parkway. 
  3. Follow Bill MacDonald Parkway until it ends.
  4. Turn left onto W. College Way.
  5. Turn right onto Wade King Service Road. 
  6. Continue north on Wade King Service Road. until it ends at a stop sign.
  7. Make a slightly sharp right onto 21st Street. The athletic field should stay on your right. 
  8. At the stop sign, go straight over the bricks into Parking Lot 19G. 
  9. Once inside the parking lot, turn right and travel southward toward the end of the lot.
  10. Park in any “WWU Clinic Client” space. If no Clinic Client space is available, you may park in any open space.
  11. Display your parking pass on your rearview mirror before exiting your vehicle.

From Parking Lot 19G to the Clinic:

  1. The clinic is located east from the parking lot, the opposite direction of the athletic field. 
  2. Move eastward along the narrow concrete walkway between the row of hedges. The concrete becomes a wide brick path in approximately 10 feet. 
  3. Depending on where you parked in the lot and which gap between the hedges you took, you may need to turn left and travel northward briefly to skirt around Academic Instructional Center West. 
  4. Once north of Academic Instructional Center West, follow the brick pathway eastward. Keep the planter areas at your right and the raised grass area at your left. 
  5. When the planter area to your right ends, keep traveling straight (due east) until a new planter area begins. 
  6. At the next gap between planter areas, turn right (south) and enter the carpeted building vestibule. The door button opens both the exterior and interior set of doors. 
  7. Once through the second set of doors, travel over carpet to the first door on the left (east), approximately 10 feet inside the building.  
  8. Continue straight (due east) over carpet toward the reception area with the wall at your right. 

Visual Guide from the Parking Lot

View from the parking lot looking east (away from the athletic field). You will see a white/gray concrete staircase in the grassy area. Keep that “Staircase to Nowhere” on your left and walk toward the trees on the hill.

Three storied modern, glass-fronted building


Brick corridor flanked by two tall brick and glass modern buildings on either side. A bicycle rack is out front.


The interactive parking map can help with parking locations.
Visitor parking is usually available in Parking Lot C (C/CR), where you will need to purchase a visitor pass from the kiosks. Depending on the time of day parking can be limited, so we suggest you arrive early to ensure you find a parking spot. Learn more about parking at Western on the Transportation website, or call 360-650-2945.

Full Campus Tour

You can also schedule a full campus tour through the admissions office. A discounted parking rate of $4 per day is available to guests. To receive your discount at a parking kiosk, you will need your license plate number and the code found in your confirmation email for the full campus tour.

Contact Information

For general questions, email at

For questions about the SLP graduate program please contact Graduate Advisor Dr. Kelli Evans at (360) 650-6299 or by email at

For information about SLP graduate admissions, please e-mail

For questions about the Audiology Graduate program or admissions please contact AuD Program Director Dr. Rieko Darling at (360) 650-3885 or by email at
For questions about the Post-Baccalaureate program, please contact Post-Bac advisor Dr. Jennifer Thistle at (360) 650- 3157 or by email at
For questions about our undergraduate program, contact Dr. David Evans for Transfer Advising at (360) 650-3178 or by email at, and contact Dr. Anna Diedesch for general undergraduate advising at (360) 650-3172 or by email at

We are looking forward to your visit! CSD Faculty, Clinical Educators, and Staff