Speech and Language Services

Services are available to infants, children, and adults of all ages

  • Comprehensive speech and language evaluation to determine the presence, type and severity of the deficit and the potential benefit from therapeutic treatment.
  • Enrollment in individual or group sessions for treatment in articulation, fluency, cognition, voice, swallowing, and/or language.
  • Assessment and treatment of language and literacy skills for school age children and young adults. These include: phonological awareness, reading development, language development, social discourse and written language.
  • Assessment and treatment in accent reduction and assistance to individuals in adjusting to language differences.
  • Consultative services to individuals, agencies, and school systems
  • Parent education programs offered on a regular basis
  • Assessment and treatment to assist individuals in accessing and utilizing Augmentative and Assistive Communication Systems.
  • Support of communication skills relative to community re-entry and returning to work.
  • Western’s Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic offers valuable services to individuals with communication disorders and their families from Bellingham and nearby communities. The faculty, clinical educators, and supervised students share their clinical expertise in our onsite clinic and various offsite facilities. The Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) Department provides over 6000 hours of clinical services annually to people in the Bellingham community. In addition, during their internships our graduate student clinicians collectively contribute almost 10000 hours of clinical service per year while working in the public schools and medical settings throughout the region.