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Students who graduated in just the last year alone are pursuing graduate study in linguistics, speech language pathology, computational linguistics, and TESOL, both in the U.S. and abroad. Other students are making use of their linguistic expertise in less direct, but no less important, ways. 

Here’s what our students and alumni are saying:

“It’s the best possible combination of fields – math, cognitive science, formal logic, anthropology, etc. It’s impossible to get bored and there’s always something to learn.”

“Linguistics has helped me to approach language scientifically, to appreciate the beauty of language, and to feel constantly surround by ambient language data that always leaves me with interesting questions to think about.”

“Language is such an integral component of how humans interact and engage with the world around us, and what better way to appreciate the people around us than by engaging in other languages?”

"It feels like it’s kind of a unique major; it combines a lot of aspects of different social sciences and humanities. Also, everyone has some sort of language and it’s unique to them, so it has application to every person.”

"It encouraged welcoming and understanding of all other language and their cultures without criticism of any kind, but rather analysis.”