Transfer Students

Thinking of majoring or minoring in Linguistics?

If you have completed your Associates/Direct Transfer Agreement (AA/DTA), you may have fulfilled all of your General University Requirements (GURs). Still required for a Linguistics major or minor, though, are an introduction to linguistics (like LING 201, a Social Sciences GUR) and either Language and Society (LING 204, a Social Sciences GUR) or Language and Brain (LING 207, a Natural Sciences GUR). If you have courses from another school that are comparable, these WWU equivalents might not be identified on your transcript, so be sure to check with us if you’re not sure if you have a course equivalent or if you can have one of these prerequisite courses waived.

Although LING 201 is a prerequisite for LING 310, if you are fairly certain you want to major or minor in linguistics, you may have the prerequisite waived by permission. Contact Kristin Denham or Sara Helms.

Language Requirement for Linguistics Majors

(not a requirement for minors)

Linguistics students should be engaged in the study of a language other than English. Typically, this requirement is satisfied by 10 credits of a language, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Greek, or Latin, but can also be satisfied by other courses, in consultation with the chair. If you are bilingual/multilingual but do not have college credits in another language, you can have the requirement waived, and those credits can come from other coursework, in consultation with the chair.