College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Transfer Students

Thinking of majoring or minoring in Linguistics?

If you have completed your Associates/Direct Transfer Agreement (AA/DTA), you may have fulfilled all of your General University Requirements (GURs).

You still have to take the two 200-level GURs since these are required for the major – LING 201 and LING 204.

Some community colleges offer ANTH 247 (Linguistic Anthropology) which will count in place of LING 201.

If you are transferring from a community college in Washington, these are likely identified on your transcript.

If you’re not sure if a WWU equivalent has been identified for these courses, check with the Admissions Office.

If you have completed a LING 201 or ANTH 247 equivalent, you may register for LING 310 once you have declared as a linguistics pre-major, major, or minor.

If it is full, you can get on the waitlist and come to the first day of class.

You may want to register for another class in case you cannot get into LING 310 fall quarter.

Language Requirement for Linguistics majors (not a requirement for minors)

Students must have two years of college study of an Indo-European language like French, Spanish, or German, -OR- one year of college study of a non-Indo-European language, such as Chinese, Japanese, American Sign Language, or Arabic.

If you are bilingual/multilingual but do not have college credits in another language, you can have the requirement waived in consultation with the Program Director Kristin Denham (, and you can make up the additional credits with other upper division coursework.