Scholars Week

The Linguistics Program has been participating in Scholars Week every year since its inception. Faculty nominate student research and then a committee selects those students who will participate. Sometimes students have participated in the university-wide poster session and sometimes in panel presentations.

Scholars Week 2017

The student research in the 2017 Scholars Week panel grew out of Dr. Janet Xing’s 421 Grammaticalization class and Dr. Edward Vajda’s LING 402 Historical Linguistics class. 



See their work in the links below:

Jeffrey Guptil 

The Grammaticalization of "because" in Standard English

Margo Lamy

Lexical Borrowing in Turkish

Kiersten Mara

Degrammaticalization of ‘@’: How the usage of ‘@’ has changed due to the influence of Twitter

Taylor Thompson

Grammaticalization of Head Shakes in American Sign Language



Linguistics Program Scholars Week Symposium 2017 Poster