Scholars Week

The Linguistics Program has been participating in Scholars Week every year since its inception. Faculty nominate student research and then a committee selects those students who will participate. Sometimes students have participated in the university-wide poster session and sometimes in panel presentations.

A list of all of the Linguistics Department Scholars Week presenters for 2024. Please refer to the webpage for the complete list.

Scholars Week 2024

Rosie O’Malley-Knudson, “Apples and Oranges: How the syllabic /l/ is vocalized in Harlem dialect”

Dana Gravseth, “Identity and Spanish Heritage Language Variability”

Anuk Centellas and Chloe Maple, “Allophones of Voiceless Fricatives in Catalan”

Ilsa O’Rollins, “Two temporal na’s in Asante Twi”

Ana Marbett and Katie Leiendecker, “Dialectal Variations in Spanish Spirantization”

Ellie Lorenzen, “The Perception of Spanish Accented English by Monolingual English and Bi/multilingual Students Attending Western Washington University”

Alex Williams, “The Russian coda: a sonority-based approach to L2 acquisition”

Livia Lomne-Licastro, Nick Walker, Alexandra Knepp, “Acquisition of L3 Phonology: An Overview”

Hayley Abella and Nicki Wasson “Allophonic Variation of Plosives in Southern Dialect Potawatomi”

Scholars Week 2023

Scholars Week 2023

Mae Bash, “Mauwake Focus Markers”

Glory Busic, “Internalized Attitudes: African American English Speakers and African American English”

Margo Digiacinto, “Negation in Korean Syntax”

Royce Gibson, “Korean Modality”

Jack MacCleary, “Topic and Focus Phrases in Pite Saami”

Eden McGee, “Warao Determiners and Their Phrase Structure”

Meghan Murphy, “Simplifying the Syntactic Theory of Minimalism”

Ilsa O’Rollins, “Strategies of Disjunction in Ket”

Liam Pedersen, “Language and Identity in the Transgender Community of Tumblr”

Red Sheets, “Inventory of Modal Auxiliaries in Irish”

Thatch Trautmann, “Nominalization in Numu (Northern Paiute)” Co-author/language consultant J.R. Manríquez

Scholars Week

Scholars Week 2021

Jessalyn Campbell, “Hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ Xʷməθkʷəy̓əm Morphosyntax​”

Aspen Clark, “Examine I Syntax the Arabic the Modern the Standard: A Look Into Verb Raising, Negation, Definiteness, and Possession"

Jess Costanza“Let's Go Camping: The Life of Polari, London's Queer Cant”

Leah Robinson and Michelle Nguyen, “Development of Japanese Passives in Relation to Middle Voice: Old Japanese Through the Modern Period (700 AD-Present)”

Linguistics Porgram Scholars Week 2017 Symposium. Wednesday, May 17, 4:00pm. Bond Hall 217. Free to attend, refreshments provided.

Scholars Week 2017

The student research in the 2017 Scholars Week panel grew out of Dr. Janet Xing’s 421 Grammaticalization class and Dr. Edward Vajda’s LING 402 Historical Linguistics class. 

Jeffrey GuptilThe Grammaticalization of "because" in Standard English

Margo LamyLexicalopen_in_new(opens in new window) Borrowing in Turkish

Kiersten Mara, Degrammaticalization of ‘@’: How the usage of ‘@’ has changed due to the influence of Twitter

Taylor Thompson, Grammaticalization of Head Shakes in American Sign Language