The Podling: A Podcast

Department of Linguistics, Western Washington University, The Podling
From left, WWU students Emma Ahmann and Niko Attebery recording The Podling podcast. Both are wearing headphones and talking into microphones.

Season 2 of The Podling out now!

Season 2 of The Podling takes a comical deep dives into the subsections of linguistics through topics like etymology, idioms, linguistics of the paranormal, as well as the ways we study linguistics in common activities like the playing of board games. This new season will be targeted toward the broader Western community, not just linguistics students and professors. New episodes will be released weekly throughout the quarter. 

The Podling is produced and hosted by linguistics students Emma Ahmann, Madison Peyton, and Niko Attebery, and produced and edited by Western alumna Jess Costanza and Fawn Dupras of Pierce Community College. 

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Season 1 of The Podling

The Podling was created by former linguistics student Jess Costanza, who set out to answer the question "What is linguistics?" through interviews with professors in Western's Department of Linguistics. In season 1, Costanza explored the academic and career paths linguists take, as well as the history and current vibe of the field.

“The idea was originally borne out of a plan to interview professors and provide students in the linguistics major and related studies a fuller picture of the work being done by the people they might connect with while at Western,” Costanza said.

“Naturally, my own questions have seeped into the project's design — I love learning about something by hearing from the people deeply involved in a field, trade, or discipline and understanding why they're driven to do the things they do. I think those stories translate well to a podcast format, and they have conversational entry points for folks both very familiar and totally new to the subject at hand.”

Costanza graduated as the 2020-21 Outstanding Graduate in Linguistics and was awarded a fellowship to continue working on The Podling.

Catch up on all of Season 1 today.