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The Department of Linguistics will be open most days, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Remote and in-person advising options are available.

There are many things Sara Helms can assist you with by phone or email. Sara can help with advising, declaring a major or minor, or completing a degree evaluation electronically.

For questions about our program, classes, registration, the major or minor requirements, general information about linguistics, or to make an in-person advising appointment, please contact the the Department Manager Sara Helms by email (preferred), Sara.Helms@wwu.edu, or by phone, 360-650-3914.

Have a quick question? Text Sara on Teams. (On mobile, sign in to the Teams app with your Western username and password.)


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Department Chair

Chair Professor Linguistics Major/Minor Advisor
BH 418G


Photo of Kaden Holladay
Visiting Assistant Professor
BH 418B
R. Mata with black background and face mask
Assistant Professor Major Advisor (Spanish with a Teaching Endorsement & BAE Spanish Elementary Education.
MH 218C
Photo of Jordan Sandoval in front of waterfall
Assistant Professor
BH 418F

Affiliated Faculty

A branching plant with pink-red leaves in front of a light-blue background, illustration
Professor of Japanese Affiliated Faculty of Linguistics Japanese Study Abroad Advisor
Miller Hall 217E
Shannon Dubenion-Smith stands outside a brick building, near a green shrub.
Chair of LLC Associate Professor of German and Linguistics German Study Abroad Advisor
MH 223B
Professor of French and Linguistics Director for the Center of Canadian-American Studies
CA 106, MS-9110
Assistant professor of Chinese and Applied Linguistics Chinese major/minor advisor Affiliated Faculty of Linguistics
Miller Hall 218A
Edward Vajda in Leipzig, Germany
Professor of Russian and Linguistics; Russian and Eurasian Studies Advisor
Miller Hall 218E
Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics World Languages Teaching Endorsement Advisor (Secondary and Elementary Education)
Miller Hall 122A


Photo of Professor Anne Lobeck
Professor Emeritus of Linguistics
Janet Xing standing in front of a bookcase
Professor Emeritus of Chinese and Linguistics
Professor Emeritus of Modern and Classical Languages


Department Manager
BH 418D

In Memoriam

Professor Emeritus of Spanish and Linguistics