Why Consider a Linguistics Major?

Why Consider a Linguistics Major?

All Linguistics majors are expected to acquire knowledge of the functions of language at various levels and knowledge of the techniques and methods used in language analysis. A student of Linguistics will thereby significantly advance their appreciation of linguistic and cultural diversity. Students who major in linguistics acquire valuable intellectual skills, including analytic reasoning and argumentation, and learn how to study language scientifically. This means making insightful observations, formulating and testing clear hypotheses, making arguments and drawing conclusions, and communicating findings to a wider community. Linguistics majors are therefore well equipped for a variety of jobs and graduate-level programs.

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I’m so glad I’m studying linguistics! It’s a unique major that combines aspects of different social sciences and humanities. It’s really helped me to appreciate interdisciplinary perspectives, to be a good humanist, and to think scientifically.

Doing linguistics turns students into scientists of language. They have to discover the rules for themselves based on evidence that they look for. Also, students use their own intuitions to understand the rules.

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Studying linguistics has helped me to decide where I want to go after graduation –namely grad school, and academia thereafter. I’ve found an outlet for my love of theory and language!

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