Linguistics Club

Fall 2022

The Linguistics Club will be meeting Thursdays at 6pm in Bond Hall 403. Come join us to meet other linguistics-interested students and help figure out what we want club to look like this year! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Co-Lead Officers Emma ( or Jen (


We are a group of linguists and language enthusiasts who are working to give people a chance to connect with other linguists and have fun talking about linguistics! We are working to build a stronger, more connected community within the Linguistics Program and among its many related fields. We hope to accomplish this through informal meetings where you can hang out and chat! This club isn't just for linguistics majors and minors — it's for anyone with a passion for language and a desire to learn more about how we communicate in our day-to-day lives.

a student tabling while holding a cardboard sign that says "ask a linguist anything"

Club member Jonathan Taylor-Kantz invites passerby to “Ask a linguist anything" at the Science Walk, Spring ‘17. Photo courtesy of Ana Usenko.

For more information about the club, please contact Sara Helms,