Assistant Professor, Dr. Jordan Sandoval

Dr. Amy Lacross and Dr. Jordon Sandoval pose in front of a scientific poster

Dr. Jordan Sandoval (right) poses with Arizona State University colleague Dr. Amy LaCross at the 178th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in San Diego, Dec. 2019. Sandoval and LaCross shared their research, along with ASU's Dr. Julie Liss. Photo courtesy of Jordan Sandoval.

Jordan Sandoval, Ph.D., earned her bachelor's degrees from Western Washington University in 2002 in linguistics and German. She earned her doctorate in linguistics from the University of Arizona in 2008, and then began teaching as an instructor at Western. This fall, she will begin as Assistant Professor.

After teaching in Western's Linguistics Program over the last decade, the coming academic year promises to bring some happy changes for Sandoval, like setting up lab-space for more collaboration with students and returning to teaching phonetics and phonology classes. This past year Sandoval was working on many projects, including: research on Mandarin phonology judgments; pedagogical development in Spanish language classes, working with linguistics/speech path/Spanish majors and senior instructor of Spanish, Kirsten Drickey, Ph.D, to create explicit phonological training for Western’s 200-300 level Spanish language learners; and co-authoring a textbook with colleague Kristin Denham, Ph.D., Thinking Like a Linguist, due out Fall 2020. These projects, as well as collaboration with other Western students, led to conference presentations in Arizona, San Diego, New Orleans, and two spring conferences online.


Sandoval will be teaching LING 310: Linguistic Analysis and LING 311: Phonetics and Phonology in fall 2020, LING 204: Language and Society and LING: 311: Phonetics and Phonology in winter 2021, and LING 311: Phonetics and Phonology and LING 411: Topics in Phonetics and Phonology in spring 2021.