Linguistics Alumni Panel

Come and see the cool things our alumni are doing with their linguistics degrees. Linguistics alums Kira Hazelbaker, Jess Costanza, Jeffrey Guptil, and Evan Ingalls will describe their paths from WWU to their current positions at TOMIS, Storytime Online, Schreiber Translations, and Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth with a Q&A after. No matter what field you aspire to go into, we hope to see you there.

February 29, 2024

4 p.m.

BH 415 and Zoom

Kira Hazelbaker
Kira Hazelbaker, '17
AI Product Manager at TOMIS
Jess Costanza
Jess Costanza, ‘21
Language Operations Manager at Storytime Online and Resource Manager at Schreiber Translations
Jeffrey Guptil, ‘17
Jeffrey Guptil, ‘17
Project/Program Manager King County Parks
Evan Ingalls
Evan Ingalls, ‘14
Musician and Educator at Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth