Linguistics Program Student Colloquium, April 10, 2003

Program for April 10, 2003 Linguistics Program Student Colloquium. See webpage for details.

Linguistics Program Student Colloquium


Thursday, April 10,2003

Humanities 108

4:00 p.m.


sponsored by the Linguistics Program

Western Washington University



Featuring papers from winter quarter 2003 Linguistics 402, Advanced Syntax


Susanna Baxter

A Reanalysis of the Referential/Nonreferential Distinction

Allison Belgarde

German Particle Verbs and the V2 Phenomenon

Laurel Evans

On Coordination of NPs in English

Terry Hergesheimer

Negation and Wh-Movement in Scots and Irish Gaelic


Thanks to Hugh Conroy, Ella Denham Conroy, Ivy Denham Conroy, and Jack Denham Conroy for providing refreshments.