Linguistics Program Student Colloquium, June 5, 2002

Program for June 5, 2002 Linguistics Program Student Colloquium. See webpage for details.

/wɛlkəm tu ðʌ/


Linguistics Program Student Colloquium


Wednesday, June 5, 2002

Haggard Hall 345

4:00 p.m.


sponsored by the Linguistics Program 

Western Washington University



Pamela Brooks-St. John

Icelandic Quirky Case


Michelle Brown

Chinese Syllable Structure


Jennifer Condit and Walter Reyes

Sierra Leon Krio Verb Tenses and Idioms


Jordan Crossfield and Jessica Newell

A Phonetic Analysis of Stress and Pitch Differences in Argentine and Peruvian Spanish


Casey Egger

Gender Differences in the Chinese Language


Danielle Gray

Old English Compound Word Morphology


Makiko Kawai and Fumiko Takano

Phonetics and Phonology in Mandarin Plosives


Miriam Lemke and Mami Kashiwabara

Aspiration in English and Japanese


Gregory Maniatis

German Verb Seconding


Heather McNamee and Ashley Wade

War Rhetoric


Carlos Nye

Syntactic Constraints on Spanish-English Code-Switching


Theresa Rose

Notes on the History of English