Linguistics Program Student Colloquium, June 5, 2003

Program for June 5, 2003 Linguistics Program Student Colloquium. See webpage for details.

Linguistics Program Student Colloquium


Thursday, June 5, 2003

Biology 212

4:00 p.m.


sponsored by the Linguistics Program


Alison Howard

A Comparison of Spanish and English Vowels

Jonathan Clare

Verlan: French à l’envers

Heather Sluys

What Is est-ce que? An Exploration of Syntax in French Question Formation

Adrienne Pottorf

Stuttering within Bilingual People

Jeremy Noone

Policy, Bilingualism, and America

Derek Underwood

Language Policy in Canada

Kiyomi Ono

English Pronunciation among Asians

John Fotheringham

Language Reform: A Comparative Look at China and Japan

Peter Rowan

Latin Education

Adam Bollen

A Study of Devoiced Vowels in Japanese: Correlations Between Plosive Burst Frequencies Vowel Location