'Proper grammar' is a social construct

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On Poster

Two people sitting on the beach, facing the water, talking.

Person 1: "Did you know proper grammar is a social construct?

Person 2: "That's BS."

Person 1: "I'm serious. Each dialect has its own grammar structure. Speaking 'standard' English is highly attributed to white speakers, so calling a nonstandard dialect incorrect is preferring 'white' English."

Person 2, "Wow. Thanks for explaining that. You're a real friend."

Next time you're about to correct someone's grammar, consider your privilege.

Courtesy of the Department of Linguistics.

Poster size: 18 x 24 in. Original inspiration for poster from Anne Lobeck's spring 2019 ENG 438/LING 402: Language Change and Variation. Adapted by Emily Hillman.