Student Spotlight

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2020-2021 Outstanding Linguistics Students

The Linguistics faculty have selected graduating seniors who have made an outstanding contribution to the department with their exceptional scholarship, with their engagement in department activities, and with their service as leaders and mentors.

Photo of Jess Costanza

The WWU Linguistics faculty are so enthusiastic about the questions we pose as students — I was always encouraged to explore my own interests through assignments and extracurricular projects. The support and mentorship I felt from the Department’s chair, faculty, and manager were vital, and I went after more opportunities than I even knew were available to me. I found a love for linguistic communications, using my linguistic training to communicate ideas and attitudes about language in environments beyond academia. Professors guided my cultivation of this interest and helped me learn that linguistics is a field where anyone’s tools and passions can fit in, because language encircles us all. The proficiencies and growth I’ve gained at Western have already begun to open exciting doors, and I’m so excited to see what will follow!

Jess Costanza
2020-2021 Department of Linguistics Outstanding Graduating Senior
Photo of Brahm vanWoerden

My classes in the Department of Linguistics have given me a stronger understanding of what appeals to me about language and how I can continue to investigate it. More than anything, this became clear through my work applying linguistic principles to the second language classroom. I hope to use the teaching, research, and scholarship experience that the linguistics major afforded me to keep developing my knowledge of human language.

Brahm vanWoerden
2021 Presidential Scholar of the Humanities Division of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Linguistics Exceptional Student Awardees

Jake Shackelford

Brahm vanWoerden

Graham Blair

Ruthie Myers

Emily Kickner

Exceptional Student in Spanish-Linguistics Awardees

Ava Anderson

Brahm vanWoerden

Aspen Clark

Jake Shackelford

Shachaf Zahavy-Mittelman

Emily Kickner

2021 Linguistics Student Scholarship Awardees

Glory Busic, Niko Attebery, and Navor Tercero.

2021 Shaw Gynan Memorial Scholarship Awardees

Hunter Calixto and Miriam LeMay