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About Western Washington University's Hearing Aid Bank Program

As a community service, Western Washington University offers donated hearing aids to those who would not otherwise be able to afford the expense of purchasing hearing aids and maintaining their devices. This service to the community also serves the educational needs of our graduate students in the Clinical Doctorate in Audiology program. Western's Hearing Aid Bank Program is housed within Western’s Audiology (Hearing) Clinic and operates on a donation-based system.

Financial donations as well as donation of usable hearing aids and associated products from individuals, community audiologists and dispensers, and organizations are encouraged and appreciated. Donations are anonymous and are not required to receive Western Washington University Hearing Aid Bank Program assistance. Clients who qualify for assistance are encouraged to "pay it forward" with any amount manageable for them so that other local community members can be helped.

The number of individuals served by Western's Hearing Aid Bank Program will depend on balancing the needs of qualified clients, the academic needs of students, and the availability of Hearing Aid Bank inventory and funds.

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*Donations are anonymous and are not required to receive services*

As of fall 2017, Western Washington’s Speech-Language-Hearing Clinics have moved from a fee-based to a donation-based system.

This “pay it forward” model will enable us to serve more community members who are unable to access high-quality communication services otherwise. It will provide Speech Language Pathology and Audiology graduate students with diverse and unique experiences to transform their future clinical practice, influence their professions, and improve the lives of those living with communication disorders.

While donations are not required to receive services, your gift in any amount supports our efforts to provide clients with the services they need.

A gift of:

  • $5 allows us to provide a packet of hearing aid batteries
  • $20 allows us provide a hearing aid care kit
  • $50 pays for hearing aid bank supplies and materials
  • $60 pays for one custom fitted hearing aid earmold
  • $100 pays for one in the ear canal hearing aid receiver
  • $155 allows us to repair a donated used aid in the WWU Hearing Aid Bank (includes a 6 month warranty) and covers the cost of a comprehensive basic hearing evaluation
  • $250 covers the cost of a hearing aid fitting and evaluation for one ear

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Or call (360) 650-3881 for information on how to donate hearing aids and associated equipment.

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