Summer 2024 Linguistics Courses

LING 201: Intro to Linguistics

Dr. Jordan Sandoval

  • MTWR 11-12:50 p.m.
  • Credits: 5
  • Social Sciences GUR (SSC)


What is language? What is it made of? How and why does it change over time? How do we acquire language? How can a string of sounds or manual movements magically transport a thought from yours into another person’s mind?

LING 207: Language and Brain

Dr. McNeel Gordon Jantzen

  • REMOTE - Asynchronous
  • Credits: 5
  • Natural Science GUR (SCI)


This course will address some of the fundamental topics underlying human language including: (1) how different components of language are processed by and represented
in our brains; (2) how language is acquired and processed throughout the life span; (3) the relationship between language and thought; (4) the effects of music and multilingualism on language networks; and (5) how neuroimaging and computational modeling techniques are used to examine the processing, representation, and acquisition of language.