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Modern and Classical Languages Office Hours Spring 2018

Please contact instructors directly through telephone, email or at their office during office hours.  If you have questions about our programs, classes or need general information about MCL/Linguistics majors, minors, and/or applying please talk with one of our staff or Department Chair Paqui Paredes Mendez. 

If you would like to search for faculty by language, please visit our Language Programs page HERE and click on the language of your choice, located on the left menu.

Office Staff

Hours of Operation




Holly Childs

Department Manager

M-F 8-4 MH 223A 360-650-3919 holly.childs@wwu.edu

Sara Helms

Administrative Assistant

M-F 8-5 MH 223 360-650-3918 sara.helms@wwu.edu


Office Hours or by Appointment




Alfers, Sandra

Professor of German

T 2-3 MH 215E 360-650-7427 sandra.alfers@wwu.edu

Aranda, Blanca

Assistant Professor of Spanish

T 4-6 MH 128 360-650-2528 blanca.aranda@wwu.edu

Araniva, Mauricio

Senior Instructor of Spanish

MF 7:50-8:20 & 12:50-2:20 MH 217C 360-650-2094 mauricio.araniva@wwu.edu

Carbajal, Amy

Senior Instructor of Spanish

MWF 10-11 MH 216B 360-650-7967 amy.carbajal@wwu.edu

Deguchi, Masanori

Associate Professor of Japanese and Linguistics

M 2-3; W 2-4 MH 217E 360-650-4155 masanori.deguchi@wwu.edu

Drickey, Kirsten

Senior Instructor of Spanish

MWF 1-2 MH 218B 360-650-6149 kirsten.drickey@wwu.edu

Dubenion-Smith, Shannon

Associate Professor of German & Linguistics

MWF 1-2 MH 218C 360-650-3927 shannon.dubenion-smith@wwu.edu

Dwyer, Sean

Senior Instructor of Spanish

MWF 11:30-1 MH 216C 360-650-3836 sean.dwyer@wwu.edu

Engelsing, Eduardo

Assistant Professor of Classical Studies

TR 12:30-1:30 MH 122C 360-650-7964 eduardo.engelsing@wwu.edu

Fiero, Petra 

Professor of German

M 4-5; WF 9-9:50 MH 217A 360-650-4860 petra.fiero@wwu.edu

García, Hugo

Associate Professor of Spanish

TR 12-2 MH 226 360-650-4201 hugo.garcia@wwu.edu

Gynan, Shaw

Professor of Spanish and Linguistics

Retired     shaw.gynan@wwu.edu

Hanania, Cécile

​Professor of French

TR 12:30-2 MH 126 360-650-4858 cecile.hanania@wwu.edu

Hoffman, Joan

Professor of Spanish

W 9-12 MH 222A 360-650-4803 joan.hoffman@wwu.edu

Hussein, Tamer

Senior Instructor of Arabic

MW 4:30-6 MH 230 360-650-2093 husseit@wwu.edu

Keppie, Christina

Associate Professor of French

W 1-4 MH 215D 360-650-3930 christina.keppie@wwu.edu

Krause, Miller

Visiting Assistant Professor of Classical Studies

MWF 2:30-3; TR 2-2:30 MH 122D 360-650-4269 krause.miller@wwu.edu

Kusakabe, Madoka

Instructor of Japanese

MWF 10-11 MH 222D 360-650-7492 madoka.kusakabe@wwu.edu

Laird, Colleen

Assistant Professor of Japanese

MWF 1-2 MH122A 360-650-4852 colleen.laird@wwu.edu

Lei, Yu

Instructor of Chinese

MTW 11:15-12:15 MH 122B 360-650-3923 yu.lei@wwu.edu

Mata, Rodolfo

Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics

MWF 12-1 MH 228 360-650-3925 r.mata@wwu.edu

Ousselin, Edward

Professor of French

MWF 10:30-11:20 MH 216A 360-650-2092 edward.ousselin@wwu.edu

Paredes, Paqui 

Chair/Professor of Spanish

MW 9:30-10:30; T 10-11 MH 223B 360-650-2038 paqui.paredes@wwu.edu

Partsch, Cornelius  

Professor of German

TR 11:30-1 MH 216E 360-650-3929 cornelius.partsch@wwu.edu

Patterson, Charles

Associate Professor of Spanish

MW 1:30-3 MH 216D 360-650-2154 charles.patterson@wwu.edu

Portugal, Luis Gonzalo

Senior Instructor of Spanish

MF 9-10 MH 222B 360-650-4200 luis.portugal@wwu.edu

Rangel, Mary Anne

Senior Instructor of Spanish

MWF 10-10:55 MH 218A 360-650-4802 maryanne.rangel-guerrero@wwu.edu

Stayskal, Byron

Visiting Assistant Professor of Classical Studies

T 1-2 MH 122E 360-650-4854 byron.stayskal@wwu.edu

Taylor, Scott

Senior Instructor of French

MWF 11-11:25; 2:25-3 MH 218F 360-650-4536 scott.taylor@wwu.edu

Tomasi, Massimiliano

Professor of Japanese

MF 2:30-3:30 MH 222C 360-650-3339 massimiliano.tomasi@wwu.edu

Vajda, Edward

Professor of Russian

MWF 11-11:30 MH 217D 360-650-4856 edward.vajda@wwu.edu

Wang, Li

Instructor of Chinese

MWF 11:30-12:30 MH 122B 360-650-7966 li.wang@wwu.edu

Winter, Julie

Visiting Assistant Professor of German

MW 11:30-12:30 MH 222B 360-650-4394 julie.winter@wwu.edu

Wu, Julian

Assistant Professor of Chinese

MWF 10-11 MH 217B 360-650-6122 julian.wu@wwu.edu

Xing, Janet

Professor of Chinese and Linguistics

T 9-11; R 2-3 MH 218D 360-650-3926 janet.xing@wwu.edu

Yusa, Michiko

Professor of Japanese and East Asian Studies

TR 5-6 MH 218E 360-650-4851 michiko.yusa@wwu.edu

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