Joan M. Hoffman, PhD

Professor of Spanish, Study Abroad Advisor/Spanish, Summer Advisor/Spanish, Point Person for Spanish Outreach


Professor of Spanish; Study-Abroad Advisor/Spanish; Summer Advisor/Spanish

Point Person for Spanish Outreach: Feel free to contact me if your department, program, or organization has an event or activity that may be of interest to our Spanish students.


B.A., University of Washington 

M.A., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Ph.D., Indiana University

Research Interests

  • Nineteenth-Century Spanish Realism; Spanish Women Writers; Spanish Civil War; Narrative; Drama

Current Courses

Academic Year 2024-25:

Fall: SPAN 301; SPAN 351; SPAN 401

Winter: SPAN 302; SPAN 331; SPAN 425

Spring: SPAN 340



Selected Publications

La otra historia: Antología de autoras españolas, 2nd edition of Voces femeninas de España:Una antología, Cognella Academic Publishing, 2024. ISBN: 9781793561565, 270 pp.

Voces femeninas de España: Una antología, Penélope Academic Press, 2015. ISBN: 978-0-9960375-0-1, 282 pp.

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