Roy F Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund

About the Scholarship

Since 1974, the Oregon Archaeological Society (OAS) has awarded the Roy F Jones Memorial Scholarship to students engaged in the archaeological sciences. Our desire is to fund projects that advance our understanding of the unrecorded human history of our region. The Scholarship has a maximum value of $1500. It will be awarded in March, 2020. Applications must be submitted to us by February 1, 2020.


The Scholarship Grant will be awarded to an individual who is:

  • A college or university student of archaeology in Oregon or the cultural regions of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Engaged in, or preparing to engage in, a project or experiment, the results of which will add to the body of knowledge of the archaeological or anthropological sciences.

Applications must include

  • A cover letter including a brief biographical sketch of the applicant with school status and study interests, a brief description of the project to be carried out, and an accompanying letter of recommendation from a professor in his/her department.
  • An application in narrative form with:
    • Introduction to the project, including project goals and objectives.
    • A description of the need for the proposed research.
    • A description of the methodology and procedures to be used, including:
      • Project time line.
      • Project budget.
      • Personnel roster, including a description of the level of commitment and experience of the principal project personnel.

Application Guidelines

Priority will be given to applications that demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of the scientific methods and procedures of archaeology.
  • Knowledge of scientific literature on the proposed subject.
  • Contribution to the understanding of archaeology of the Northwest.
  • Contribution that will fill a void in current research.

Application Review

At or before the March board meeting, the OAS Scholarship Committee will present the applicants for review by the OAS Board. The following will be presented:

  • A biographical sketch of the student.
  • An outline of the project.
  • A summary of the applicant’s qualifications.

Review Criteria

Scholarships will be awarded by the Board of Directors at its March meeting, based on the following criteria:

  • Significance - The degree to which the proposed project will contribute to the body of archaeological literature. Evidence that the proposed project will fill a void in current archaeological literature.
  • Merit of approach - Evidence of the use of standard research methods and procedures. Extent to which the proposal reflects relevant and current scientific knowledge relating to the project.
  • Feasibility - The ability to accomplish the project’s objectives using the plans and resources described in the application. Adequacy of the applicant’s plans to document and disseminate the results of the project.
  • Applicant Qualifications - Evidence of a commitment to the pursuit of personal excellence in archaeology. Demonstrated ability of the applicant to effectively use and manage available resources.


Within one year of receiving the award, the recipient shall describe the project to the membership of the Oregon Archaeological Society, either by presentation at a monthly meeting, or by a summary report published in our monthly newsletter, Screenings.


For questions or more information, contact our Scholarship Coordinator:

Terry Dolan

Submit Applications

Email your completed applications in pdf to:

or send by US Mail to:
Oregon Archaeological Society
P.O. Box 13293 Portland, Oregon 97213