About Kinesiology

INTERESTED IN DECLARING A KINESIOLOGY MAJOR?  See the information in the “Advising” and “Major Application and Declaration Procedures” section of the menu. 

Kinesiology degree completion prepares students for clinical or research graduate school programs or for careers as health fitness instructors in agencies, schools, industries, hospitals and health care facilities. Students are expected to perform community service in all programs. The specializations offered include the following:

Questions about the Kinesiology program?

Interested in learning more about the Kinesiology program? Check out our advising video to get an overview of the KIN major and specializations, info on the application process, and suggestions on courses to take while waiting to become a KIN major. If you have questions about the undergraduate program, or applying to the major, please contact Jen Leita at Jen.Leita@wwu.edu, or you can schedule an advising appointment with Jen Leita.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Dave Suprak (360) 650-2586, suprakd@wwu.edu