Field Experience and Internship Information

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Internship & Field Experience

KIN 491 and 492 Field Experience Information

The field experience manual consists of six parts, each individual PDF files.

Part 1:  General Information for Student

Part 2:  General Information for Agency Supervisor & Field Experience Agency Agreement

Part 3:  Student Responsibilities Agreement

Part 4:  Midterm Evaluation

Part 5:  Final Evaluation

Part 6:  Hours Record Sheet


KIN 472 Internship Information

The internship manual consists of eight parts, each individual PDF files.

Part 1:  General Info

Part 2:  Student Preparation

Part 3:  Internship Agreement

Part 4:  Student Responsibilities Agreement

Part 5: Weekly Report

Part 6: Midterm Evaluation

Part 7: Final Evaluation

Part 8: Student Feedback


NOTE: Students doing an internship or a field experience in the summer term must be registered for the class by the first day of classes in the summer term.  Late registration will not be allowed in the summer term.

Policy Regarding CPR and First Aid Certifications and Re-Certifications

Original certifications must be obtained through classes that contain a both a cognitive and hands-on practical assessment, no entirely online certifications will be accepted. Certification must also be from a professional organization that complies with the guidelines established by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation and/or the American Heart Association. All re-certifications must include an in-person hands-on practical portion as well. Completely on-line certification or re-certification will not be accepted.   UPDATE:  DUE TO COVID-19, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE FULLY ONLINE FIRST AID, AND CPR/AED CLASSES WILL BE ACCEPTED  FOR FIELD EXPERIENCE AND INTERNSHIP WORK, ALTHOUGH FULLY ONLINE OR HYBRID CLASSES ARE PREFERRED.  The original signature of the instructor on the certification card indicating the completion of a practical portion will be required as evidence that the class was not online only class. Examples of organizations that provide this type of certification include the American Heart Association, American Red Cross and Medic First Aid however this list is not all inclusive.

First aid certification must be "standard" first aid.

CPR/AED certification must be for adults, although if student is working in an environment with children then child CPR is also advised.

A Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate does not meet the first aid and CPR/AED requirement.

*Red Cross First Aid & CPR classes

*LifeTek Heartsaver First Aid, CPR & AED classes (must include first aid component and not be only the Heartsaver CPR & AED class).

Malpractice Insurance

Western’s Student Medical Malpractice Insurance Program insures the professional liability (and general liability) of Western students who furnish mental and physical healthcare-related professional services during internship or field experience work as required under a related degree curriculum. Students must be enrolled and engaged in an internship or field experience course, or any of the student’s related degree curriculum courses, at the time of internship or field experience work. The cost for this insurance is a flat fee of $16 for 12 months of coverage from the date the fee is paid. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the premium is paid and coverage is current.

More information about medical malpractice insurance

Pay for your medical malpractice insurance

Students NOT enrolled or engaged in curriculum courses at the time of internship or field experience work may be able to obtain professional liability insurance from Healthcare Provider Service Organization (HPSO). Students can view details and enroll online.   Only purchase this insurance if your Kinesiology advisor instructs you to do so.

Background Check 

If you are instructed by your advisor to obtain a background check as part of the preparation for a field experience or internship, then follow the instructions below.

  • If you have lived your last three (3), or more, years in WA state: 

Go to WATCH (Washington Access to Criminal History)
Click on the Establish a New Credit Card Account
Complete the necessary Information
Click on Criminal History Request: Process Criminal History Requests
Enter your First / Middle Initial / Last Name and Birthdate

Complete the Payment Information
Confirm the Request
Go to Watch Inbox and view the report for your name
Print Report
Bring report to your KIN program advisor

  • If you have NOT lived in WA state for the past three (3) years:

Background check is run by
Use "Package Code" WG91 to place order
Results are normally returned within 3 - 5 business days
Bring results to your KIN program advisor