Exercise Science Option

Exercise Science Graduate Degree

The Exercise Science graduate degree is a dynamic combination of theoretical, applied, and experiential training. Theoretical aspects include current concepts in physiology of exercise, biomechanics, functional anatomy, motor control/learning, plus independent thought and research within those areas. Typical activities include involvement in familiarization with laboratory equipment, ongoing research projects, case studies, analysis of real cases, problem solving, and interaction with clients in wellness and fitness assessment/leadership programs. Experiential training includes internships in a variety of settings: corporate fitness programs, hospitals, and the campus fitness program among others.

The Exercise Science program meets the needs of students who are seeking a terminal degree for employment in the fitness assessment and exercise prescription fields. Examples of employment sites include hospital health and fitness laboratories, health and fitness centers, and physical therapy clinics. This degree is also popular for the continuing education of athletic trainers. Additionally, the exercise science specialization can serve as a preparation for further studies at the doctoral level.

The Exercise Science degree can only be completed during the academic year. Students must attend for a minimum of two years, because courses are offered on a two-year alternating basis. The content of the degree contains heavy emphasis in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics with support courses from Motor Control/Learning, Statistics, and Research Design. Electives can also be taken from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or other areas. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of ongoing research activities in both the Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology Laboratories. A thesis is required and an eclectic approach is taken whereby students can select topics of interest and explore them within the constraints of finances and sophistication of equipment.

Exercise Science Option   

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